Acupressure Bands Vs. Droperidol Nausea

Original article

Comparison of acupressure bands and droperidol for reducing post-operative nausea and vomiting in gynecologic surgery patients

Alyce A. Schultz RN, PhD, Nurse Researcher, Adrienne L. Andrews MS, ASPN-C, Staff Nurseb, Susan F. Goran MSN, RN, Clinical Nurse Specialistc, Terri Mathew RN, BSN, Staff Nursed and Nancy Sturdevant RN, MSN, Head Nursee

a Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME, USA b New England Rehabilitation Hospital of Portland, Portland, ME, USA c Southern Maine Medical Center, Biddeford, ME, USA d Surgical Unit, Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME, USA e Surgical Unit, Maine Medical Center, Portland, ME, USA


The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of acupressure bands, droperidol, and the combined modalities, administered preoperatively, in reducing PONV in inpatient gynecologic patients.

One hundred and forty-three patients were randomized to one of four groups: droperidol and acupressure bands, droperidol and placebo bands, placebo drug and acupressure bands, or placebo drug and placebo bands.

Overall, during their hospital stay, 69% of the women experienced PONV and 45% experienced vomiting at some time. Although droperidol was most effective the day of surgery, neither acupressure bands or droperidol were effective in reducing PONV.

Applied Nursing Research

Volume 16, Issue 4 , November 2003, Pages 256-265

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