ABC's of Complementary/Alternative

The ABCs of Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Cancer Treatment

Katen Moore, M.S.N., R.N., N.P.-C., AOCN,® and Libby Schmais, M.F.A., M.L.S.[Oncology Issues 15(6):20-22, 2000. © 2000 Association of Community Cancer Centers]


Following is a brief overview of the complementary therapies that we have found most commonly requested by cancer patients and used in the management of symptoms of cancer treatment. These are not meant as a recommendation. If a particular therapy appeals to your patient, encourage him or her to talk with you.

Learn what the patient expects from the complementary therapy. In all cases, recommend that your patient always consider safety issues. Discuss the risk of possible interactions between medications, whether conventional or complementary. Most importantly, educate yourself about these traditions and therapies, and develop professional relationships with practitioners of them who can work together with you and your patients.

Acupuncture (from the ABC's)

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From the ABC's, find more under Treatment Section

Bach Flower Remedies

For emotion problems

The Sirkin Creative Living Center, LLC - Alicia Sirkin, B.F.R.P.
Bach Flower Remedies for Pain
Strengthen Positive Outlook w/Bach® Flower Remedies
Herbals (from the ABC's)

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Homeopathic (from the ABC's)

MUCH MORE information in Treatment Section

Magnet Therapy (from the ABC's)

Patient perspective is available under Treatment section

Massage Therapy (from the ABC's)

MUCH MORE information in Treatment section

Meditation (from the ABC's)

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Therapeutic Touch (from ABC's)

Patient perspective found in Treatment section

Yoga (from ABC's)

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Spiritual Needs (from ABC's)

Emotional and spiritual needs addressed int his article

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