714X a Treatment Created By

Gaston Naessens of Canada

1/04 From Journalist Peter Chowka (www.naturalhealthline.com):

714-X Languishes in Bureaucratic Limbo

In the spring of 2001, 714-X, a promising alternative cancer treatment from Canada (it's legal there) that is used by a small but dedicated number of people with cancer in the U.S., appeared to be on the fast track for serious study by the section of the U.S. National Cancer Institute that was set up in 1998 to oversee alternative treatments (the Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine or OCCAM).

Almost three years later, however, at the end of 2003, and after an advisory panel meeting last July met to consider evidence provided by several patient case histories, the OCCAM said that it was unable to "reach consensus" on whether 714-X displayed even the minor benefit that would justify advocating further study. 714-X therefore remains in bureaucratic limbo.

In 1995, a group of women journeyed to Mr. Naessen's home in Sherbrooke, Ont. Most of us were women with breast cancer. We were there to learn about 714X and to buy some if we could.

All of us were tested to see if our blood showed the signs of decay that Mr. Naessens has identified as leading to disease.

He has created a system to designate what is seen in live blood. Blood taken at a laboratory is usually a "stain". It is treated with chemicals before being looked at under a microscope. Mr. Naessens has gone about things differently. A more complete look at this can be found at Ralph Moss' site. (See relevant links or Search this site.

Of the 7 women there, 6 had been diagnosed, one had been told she had microcalcifications. One was told she did not need any 714X. Several were told they needed 6 cycles (21 days each of injections into the groin). One, the woman with microcalcifications was told to take one cycle. Ann was told to take 3 cycles.

We then proceeded to the center where we were taught how to self-inject. All of us were able to learn the method within one week. We bought the product for about $300 per cycle and went home.

I am sorry to say none of the women completed the treatments except the woman doing just one cycle. She subsequently was told that the calcifications had gone. She also made dietary changes, adding flaxseed oil, antioxidants, CoQ10 and juices.

Ann stopped because she found more tumors and decided to have more surgery. Others stopped for various reasons.

Canada offers this substance for cancer patients who are in late stage. It is covered under their National Health system.


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