44th Congress Int'l Soc of Paediatric Oncology

As the largest annual paediatric cancer meeting in the world, SIOP Congresses are designed to provide a highly interactive platform. In so doing, they attract a multi-stakeholder attendance connecting parents, survivors, clinicians, healthcare professionals, scientists and industry.

Paediatric oncologists are early adopters of new technology and keenly interested in advances in this key aspect of their professional work. Symposia focused on technologies which hold the promise for more effective work practices and better patient outcomes are an attractive part of the Congress.

In addition to plenary sessions, which are open to all delegates, there will be associated meetings for paediatric surgeons, radiation specialists, haematologists and specialist nurses involved in both hospital and community based stages of the cancer pathway.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to London and to marking the next SIOP milestone towards ultimately combating cancer in children.

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