2nd Annual Oncology Massage Summit

Notes from 2nd Annual Oncology Massage Summit

The Society For Oncology Massage a small, but growing organization presented the 2nd Annual Oncology Massage Summit in Bloomington, MN.

It was a rally of like minded oncology massage therapists that inspired us, validated our work and challenged us to share the research with one and all. Workshops emphasized the importance of understanding the effectiveness and research of oncology massage and to be able to bring this ever evolving information back to patients in treatment for cancer.

Talks included Strengthening Immunity with Bodywork, A Blend of East and West, The Science Behind Gentle Touch for People with Cancer, Gentle Scar work for surgical patients and Safely Massaging the Client at Risk for LE.

Oncology Massage Therapists came from all over the US, as well as other countries to learn, network and validate that we are a key component of survivorship issues that patients live with.

Our stories about our work back home and our survivorsí faces propelled us to gather as much information as possible to bring new techniques back to our Medical Communities.

We realize that we have unique relationships with our clients and are honored that they allow us to be part of their journey. Our survivors are our champions of hope and courage; we owe it to them to alleviate the side effects of treatment without causing undue distress.

We also were challenged to move forward, return home to educate patients, spa massage therapists and the medical communities on the benefits of comfort oriented massage for people; pre, during and after treatment for cancer.

Reported by Toni Muirhead, oncology massage professional in South Florida

April 2010

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