2006 Rife International Health Conference

Rife 2006 International Health Conference:

Sadly, we did not know about this event so did not attend or send representation. If you did, please contact us.


Dr. Richard Loyd, PhD - Seattle

Dr. Loyd, who earned a Ph.D. in Nutrition, for many years has researched and experimented with numerous electrotherapeutic devices, including the Rife/Bare unit, various EMEM machines, F-Scan, BioRay, magnetic pulsers and more.

As well Dr. Loyd has a wealth of knowledge in research treatment of tumours, use of herbs and other supplements in concert with Rife electro-magnetics.

John W. (Jack) Garvy, Lic Ac. (NC,FL)

Jack has been in practice for 26 years. Also as a homeopath and author, Jack's pioneering pathogen frequenceis first appeared on the web in 1993. Subsequent cutting-edge tools for self-help and practitioner therapies include the Mender (remedy-maker) and Mendits (homeopathic line), as well as his patented SleepShield.

His writings include SLEEPING WELL, a book showing how to construct an ideal sleeping environment for enhanced healing.

Dr. David Lee, DC, PhD, CAd - Georgia

Dr. Lee is the lead national instructor for the Brimhall Wellness Seminars and Erchonia's new Derma Laser. With 23 years in private practice near Atlanta he has served professional sport teams and consulted for major insurance carriers.

He maintains wellness may be compared to a puzzle with six pieces: Structure, Electro-Magnetic, Nutrition, Allergies/Sensitivities, Emotions, and Toxins. Lee says, "Superior healing is the result of the newest technologies of cold laser, detoxification, and more."

His presentation will include: Whole body health scan via violet cold laser; Cellular detoxification via ionization; Percussion techniques for fascia, scar tissue; Allergy desensitization; Central nervous system integration; Brain balance techniques via eye lights and cold laser.

Dr. med. Hans Ulrich May - Germany

Dr. May, medical consultant in neurology and psychiatry in Germany, has done extensive research in the field of high tone holistic therapy. Based on the work of Royal Rife and enhanced by his own research with oscillations in the high audio-frequency spectrum, Dr. May's work resulted in the development of a patented High-Tone Therapy unit(s).

The principle behind high tone therapy is the application of high range frequencies in order to normalize the biochemical and bioelectrical processes both within and outside cells. Although these new European Rife-type units are generally used as a holistic application for treating arthritis, back pain, etc., Dr. May notes that the patented High-Tone Therapy units could be used for the holistic health application of a wide range of conditions.

Unlike pharmacotherapy, with this application metabolism is not negatively affected.

Peter Walker - Cologne, Germany

Peter is British and has been living in Germany since 1978, where he has been involved in Rife research since 1994. He runs the two largest Rife forums on the internet that has helped him to build up a number of contacts with Rife device researchers, manufacturers and organisations.

Peter works closely with the inventor, Kurt Olbrich, of the Ergonom 500 microscope and is also co-founder of Grayfield Optical that has been setup to distribute Kurt Olbrich's inventions in English speaking countries. Peter will be discussing the capabilities of the latest Ergonom microscopes, and showing a number of high quality images and video material providing details of the new developments with the Ergonom microscopes during the previous year, including new background materials, videos and pictures.


The Work of Dr. John Holt, M.D. of Australia - Video presentation on large screen

On the 9th August 2004, the Australian TV program "A Current Affair" broadcast an objective and unusually positive report on the work of the highly qualified Dr. John Holt MB, ChB, FRCS, FRCR, FRACR, DMRT who has been treating patients for cancer with an unusual, yet seemingly highly effective therapy. The amazing story will be presented by Peter Walker of Germany.

Dr. Rick Bierman - San Francisco, California Rick Bierman is an acupuncturist, homeopath and environmental consultant. He contracted Lyme disease 5 years ago and has successful treated himself using alternative therapies including Rife. He picked up Morgellons fiber disease last November from bedbugs and successfully healed himself of this strange illness.


Bryan Rosner - South Lake Tahoe, California

Bryan Rosner, who has a bachelor degree in finance, unexpectedly turned his career from business to alternative healing after he became deathly ill with Lyme Disease and subsequently recovered using Rife technology.

In 2005, he completed his first book, "When Antibiotics Fail: Lyme Disease and Rife Machines", which has already sold over 2300 copies. He is currently working on a 2nd book entitled Breakthroughs in Lyme Disease Treatment: The Top 10 Conventional and Alternative Therapies (due for publication in January of 2007).

Bryan is founder of an internet-based support group for Lyme patients. The group currently has over 1600 members. His presentation at the Rife 2006 Health Conference will bring to light new, more accurate paradigms in Lyme Disease diagnosis and treatment. Topics will include machine selection, treatment strategy, supportive therapies, and a look at the pathogenesis of Lyme Disease bacteria, Borrelia Burgdorferi.

Tim Bolen - "Strategies for Government Besieged Health Professionals."

Tim Bolen is a Crisis Management Consultant, and a Consumer Advocate, in the Health Care Industry. Bolen, in his Crisis Management role, specializes in the problems of cutting-edge health professionals.

In his role as a Consumer Advocate he tirelessly examines the reasons why the North American Health systems are so poor, compared to other areas of the world - explains those reasons to the readers of his popular "Millions of Health Freedom Fighters - Newsletter," and suggests solutions.

Bolen has been invited to testify in both State and Federal Courts, and is considered by many to be an expert in the politics of health care in North America.

Jeff Garff - Utah

Jeff Garff, a manufacturer of frequency instruments, has had great interest in discovering how Rife's instruments worked and has written papers on this subject. When the schematics of the AZ-58 were released in 2000 he worked with James Cunningham in rebuilding this 1950's Rife Ray tube instrument.

Jeff talked with Dr Robert P. Stafford, an associate of Dr. Royal Rife, in order to find out how he used this instrument on his patients from 1957 to 1962. In Jeff's presentation he will talk about the people who used this instrument and their results.

Jeff also built the instrument reverse engineered by Aubrey Scoon and will talk about the similarities between the AZ-58 and Scoon's instrument. Jeff's research has led him into the study of Rife's use of super-regeneration and he will be talking about the possible method of super-regeneration that Rife may have used in his instruments.

Dan Dial - Puget Sound, Washington State

Dan is a self-taught engineer with more than 30 years of field experience. He built his first Tesla coil in 1969 and then began doing high-energy research experiments. In 1976, using simple components, Dan built his first Moleular Enhancer.

In 1997, Dan was granted his first patent, followed by a number of other patents in the field of molecular drag and light therapy. His current patents pending include an improved design for an artifical heart, a portable sterilization unit for MSRA, a wind turbine and tidal turbine.

Dan's presentation at the Rife International Health Conference will be on EM Resonance and the Body - he will share his direct understanding of how the body responds to resonate fields and why resonate potential is so important to the bodies health.

PANEL DISCUSSION - Questions & Answers This time is set aside for a panel discussion re Rife technology and alternative health, as well as questions & answers from the audience.

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