14th Int'l Biennial Congress Metastasis Res Society

14th International Biennial Congress of the Metastasis Research Society

Metastasis Research Conference 2012, 2nd - 6th September 2012, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia.

"The Metastasis Research Society is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promote the exchange of information and furtherance of research into all aspects of metastasis, from the molecular bases of tumor cell invasion to clinical management of disseminated cancer.

This unique Society commits itself to providing a forum for scientists and clinicians from all over the world with interests in any aspect of the metastatic process.

These aims are primarily realized by the organization of major Metastasis Research Society Congresses held every two years, this year in Brisbane Australia, and by publication of high quality, peer-reviewed research papers and reviews in the official journals of the Society, Clinical and Experimental Metastasis and Cancer and Metastasis Reviews.

We hope to increase awareness of the importance of metastasis research in the general public and also government and funding agencies".

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